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Certificate of Analysis

The following is a sample of a Certificate of Analysis report for the 500mg B17/Amygdalin/Laetrile tablets manufactured by Cyto Pharma of Mexico.

The report is in Spanish, so we have provided a translation of a list of words to assist you in better understanding the report.

In summary, the report indicates that the tablet sample which weighed 525.95 mg is 100.29% pure amygdalin. The reason the purity is over 100% is that it is compared to the standard tablet of 500mg. If the purity of the sample was reduced to a 500mg tablet, it would be approximately 99.6% pure.

A list of keywords are translated below for your convenience.

  • Excipiente = Binder
  • Dictamen = Opinion
  • Aprobado = Passes test
  • Cianuros = Cyanide
  • Calidad = Quality
  • Caducidad = Expiration
  • Promedio = Rare earth
  • Valoracion = Evaluation

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